Sure White Toning Exfoliating Soap 210g


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Sure White Toning Exfoliating Soap

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Sure White Toning Exfoliating Soap 210g

-This lightening exfoliating soap washes away impurities and dead surface skin cells.
-Its regular use helps to fight blackheads and blemishes.
-It contains apricot seed kernal crushes and lightening agents that facilitate radiance, smoothness and uniformity of the complexion.

EXCLUSIVE SOAP FORMULA : Cleanses and buffs away dead skin cells, instantly restoring radiance with Apricot Seed Powder, promoting a healthy glow. Smoothes skins texture with hydrating and nourishing Glycerin.
RICH LATHER : Form a rich creamy lather between hands and apply to body as needed. In order to avoid dryness or irritation, be sure to leave 3-4 days in between exfoliating treatments.
MAXIMISE THE BENEFITS : For more hydrated skin on your body follow up with Exclusive Body Lotion With Vitamin C. For more hydrating completion use Original ultra moisturising Cream
FOLLOW YOUR SKIN TYPE NEEDS : For sensitive skin, do not exfoliate more than once every 2 weeks. No matter what skin type, do not exfoliate complexion more than 1-2 times a week, always allowing 3-4 days in between each treatment.
GREAT RESULTS & GREAT SUPPORT – Beauty Dreams is a highly client-oriented company. Our main GOAL is to provide you with the highest results, one way or another. So if you feel like your experience is below 5 stars – contact us directly, and we will do our best to improve the situation.

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