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Mixed Chicks Kids Shampoo 33FlOz 1Litre

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Biracial kids, curly haired kids, kids with wild unruly kinky locks? Of course we use common sense precautions and avoid getting product into the little ones’ eyes, but if you work Mixed Chicks in to hair (not scalp), Mixed Chicks Kids products get rid of frizzy hair and defines curls.

Mixed Chicks Kids is perfect for multi-textured and mixed race / heritage curls. Depending on where on the bi-racial, multi-cultural spectrum your little one fits in, it can sometimes feel like an impossible task to find the right hair products. A lot of ethnic hair products are heavy and create build-up that only weighs down and dulls the luscious curls, coils, twists and waves. Some others simply don’t have what it takes to deliver the results you are looking for. At Mixed Chicks, we understand the challenges because we have experienced them ourselves!

​We celebrate the Multicultural heritage and all the beauty, diversity and challenges that come along with it. So we created a kids’ haircare line that will help you detangle and tame, fight frizz and unruliness, nourish, protect and perfect those precious curls and make bathing and styling fun again.

How to use
Shampoo and rinse
Condition, comb or brush (while wet), and rinse
Work leave-in throughout wet hair, scrunch
Wring hair out with fingers
Air dry, (no towel of blow-dry needed)

USING TANGLE TAMER: spray into hair, comb through tangles, then style…or even fashion hair into a pony tail. This works great with hair that already has our kids leave-in conditioner worked in.

TANGLE TAMER USE ALT: for stubborn tangle-areas, while wet, spray a generous amount into hair along with our kids conditioner, comb through, then rinse.

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