Groganics Head Full Of Hair Scalp Treatment 177ml


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Groganics Head Full Of Hair Scalp Treatment 177ml

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Scalp Treatment

What is DHT?
DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) is the most potent naturally occurring androgen and is produced from free testosterone through the action of 5-alpha-reductance. 5-alpha-reductance concentrations are highest in the peripheral tissues (hair follicles). Both males and females experience the effects of DHT on genetically predisposed hair follicles. Binding of DHT to the hair follicle results in gradual miniaturization of the hair and eventual hair loss.
The older we get, the more DHT build up in the scalp.

How Does Groganics? Work?
Groganics DHT Blocker uses only natural ingredients to attack, block & freeze DHT and slowly strengthen the follicle which promotes longer, stronger, thicker, fuller and healthier hair for both men and women. The daily internal supplement (prescription strength) obstructs DHT and promotes hair growth from inside-out.

Head Full-of-Hair? Scalp Treatment

Your Crown Your Glory, It all starts with a gorgeous crown. Groganics Head Full of Hair Creme is infused with black castor oil and rich in phytonutrients that deliver beneficial extracts to your strands for fuller, thicker-looking hair
Volumizing Magic, When it comes to hair, the bigger the better. Our volumizing crème formula is the perfect complement to your hair care routine. This proprietary light-weight formula deeply moisturizes and creates body and lasting fullness
Essential Hair & Edge Care, With a cool minty scent, this invigorating blend full of antioxidants is ideal for thinning edges. Don’t hide your edges – regrow them! Protect your hair, while improving the shine and luster

Natural Nourishing Ingredients, Hair Gro-N-Wild is formulated with phytonutrients, antioxidants and Ayurvedic herbs known for stimulating growth for thicker, fuller-looking hair. Pea Sprout Protein is loaded with vitamins and minerals

Health Concern: Hair, Skin, Nails Supplementation

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Groganics Head Full Of Hair Scalp Treatment 177ml