Soft Beautiful Botanicals Texturizer Coarse/Regular 495g


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Soft Beautiful Botanicals Texturizer Coarse

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Soft & Beautiful Botanicals Texturizer provides professional looking waves and curls in minutes. Developed to protect hair and scalp during texturizing process. Leaves hair soft, curly and natural looking with its blend of natural plant extracts. Kit contains: No-Lye No Mix Creme Texturizer, Neutralizing Shampoo, Lite Creme Moisturizer and Moisturizing Complex ConditionerLeaves hair soft, curly and natural looking.

Apply in minutes – 2 easy steps For sensitive scalps No-lye, no mix

How To UseFor short hair: After texturizing, towel dry hair and apply a generous amount of Botanicals Sculpting Foam to enhance curl definition.
Comb through hair from root to tip for even distribution.
Apply Botanicals Lite Creme Moisturizer evenly through hair. Use fingers to massage and create a curly, tossed look or comb thru hair to achieve a smoother wave pattern.

TIP: For a sculptured look – comb hair into desired style and sit under a hood dryer or dry with diffuser.

Daily maintenance:
*Wet Looks – apply the Botanicals Lite Creme. Moisturizer daily –
*Dry Looks – apply Botanicals Oil in palm of hand and smooth over the hair.

TIP: For dry, itchy scalp, use the Botanicals 3n1 Dry Scalp Treatment.

This formula with menthol and aloe, soothes the scalp for long lasting relief.
Products not included inside carton.
For medium to long hair:After texturizing, towel dry.
Then apply a generous amount of Botanicals Sculpting Foam through hair to detangle and provide hold.
To add moisture and softness, apply Botanicals Lite Creme Oil Moisturizer to damp hair and distribute evenly.
Part hair into 6 sections from forehead to nape.

Double strand twist each section down the head to the ends staying close to the scalp. Rollers can be used on the ends of each twist to curl the ends. Let hair air dry or sit under a hooded dryer.

TIP: for best results, let hair dry completely. Once hair is dry, untwist each section.

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Soft Beautiful Botanicals Texturizer Coarse/Regular 495g