Paltas Self Heating Hot Oil Treatment 150ml


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Paltas Self Heating Hot Oil Treatment 150ml

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Paltas Self Heating Hot Oil Treatment 150ml is a new effective hair treatment for strong and healthy hair. A chemically formulated treatment that cleanses the scalp and re-opens the pores. It helps with scalp dryness and oiliness. On contact with the scalp it resores lubrication of your hair shafts and awakens the scalp. When you try it you will notice the difference.

-Hair treatment that works
-Great reviews
-Hair loss treatment
-Stop worrying about your hair.

How to use:
Shake Well and use a fair amount for each treatment, beging the treatment by washing the head free of all dressing and dry thoroughly. As the product is oily. the treatment is best carried out at night, By the morning the head will be virtually dry and should then either be wiped with damp hands and dried with a towel or washed with a shampoo leaving the hair soft and clean during the day.
Ingredients: Paltas BKC Hair TreatmentGlycerin, Lanolin oil, Paraffinum Liquidum, Aqua (purified water), methyl salicylate, alcohol denat., parfum, menthol, thea sinesis, pimenta acrs (bay oil), eugenol.

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